Our History

In 1857 Averardo Visconti, a Florentine master glove maker, opened his first shop in Paris in Fauburg Saint-Honorè, where he worked with leathers of the highest quality tanned using the traditional methods of the great master glove makers of the Florence of the Medici.
The shop in Fauburg Saint-Honorè produced the best leather goods of Second Empire Paris; saddlecloths, perfumed gloves, writing desks, travel bags and carriage seats.

The Maison Visconti line soon became the most desiderable and sought after brand by nobility and clergy of their time. However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the family, having moved to Grasse, became interested in the world of perfumes.

Here, in the perfume capital of the world, Antonio Visconti learnt the art and the secrets of maceration and enflourage, techniques still used today to extract the fragrant oils from the delicate blossom of jasmin, rose, tuberose, narcissus and other flowers, used to create the sublime symphonies of Rose Supreme and Rose Sauvage, Fleur et Feuille de jasmin and Fleur de Nuit.

The unique nature of these compositions arises from the precious rare perfume oils used today in their formulae, obtained by distillation of flowers, seeds, spices, fruits, balsams, woods and animal infusion such as the precious Ambergris.
Each Visconti perfumes has an unmistakable, specific and enduring olfactory signature, thanks to the concentration of the essences used, which is never less than 16%.
These are created with the knowledge and skill of ancient apothecaries, using special blending techniques that can often take several months.
This lenght of time is essential if the perfume oils are to find the ideal condition to merge and form a final, perfect harmony that is sublime and sumptuous, able to make the most important moments of life even more special.

Visconti perfumes go through distinct phases of production that include different maceration for each olfactory family ( woods, spices, resins, roots etc.. )
Only lather, and following established time sequences, are they infused togheter and allowed to mature over time in dark, quiet spaces.
It is this distinct procedure that allows us to obtain tha highest level of olfactory perfection.